Our promise

We guarantee the best quality.

The ginseng used in GinsZen® is cultivated in Belgium only.

It is grown in aseptic conditions which guarantees the total absence of any pesticides and contaminations.

Each lot is monitored and fully traced, which allows to guarantee a stable ginsenoside content for every GinsZen® box.

Once harvested, our ginseng is cleaned, cooked, dried and milled without the use of  any solvents or adjuvants. Our ginseng powder is all natural and “full-spectrum” as it is not composed by any extraction nor is refined.

End-packaging of ginszen® is handled by trusted suppliers only.

The unique farming process used to produce ginszen® enables us to guarantee the exceptional quality and absolute purity of our ginseng product. Only the best for our customers.

GinsZen® is probably the best Panax Ginseng food supplement in the world today.

Our dream

Pierre-Antoine Mariage, founder of Botalys in 2011 :

“It’s my environmental awareness and my interest in natural sciences that have brought me to this project of rare and medicinal in-door plant production.”

“Plants, when properly cultivated, can have a huge positive impact for all humans and for the planet. Ginseng is the perfect example of a plant that suffers today from bad agricultural practices, which have weakened its potency. With our hydroponic cultivation process we have re-discovered what ancestral Ginseng really feels like. To me it’s like if Ginseng was born again to help humans today.”

“We are all explorers, all on the same boat, all on the same planet; and we need to have ambitious dreams. Mine is to help humans live in harmony with nature. And that’s what we try to do everyday at Botalys.”

Our company


Better plants for a better life

Humankind has used the power of botanicals since the dawn of time. At BOTALYS, we have developed a unique cultivation method that not only allows growing better plants, but that also cares for our planet.


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