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HRG80® is an innovative pure Red Panax Ginseng powder cultivated in Belgium using controlled hydroponics and processed according to traditional Korean methods.

Red ginseng is traditionally obtained by steam cooking Panax Ginseng roots. The process of cooking red ginseng increases the concentration of noble ginsenosides, which are more bioavailable and bioactive than traditional ginsenosides.

ginszen® contains the premium ginseng HRG80®, which is an ultra-pure Panax Ginseng powder. It is naturally rich in noble ginsenosides like Rh2, Compound K, Rg3 and Rg5. These particular ginsenosides have a proven bioactivity verified in numerous scientific publications. More than 80% of the ginsenosides of HRG80® are actually noble ones.

Ginsenosides are phytochemicals produced by ginseng as a response to stress. There are more than 50 different kinds of ginsenosides. The ginsenosides produced by white ginseng roots are traditional ones ((Rg1, Rg2, Re, Rf, Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd). To be effective, they need to be transformed by the gut microbiome into noble ginsenosides (C-K, Rg5, Rg6, Rk1, Rk2, and Rh1), resulting in lower efficiency of white ginseng.

The process to produce HRG80® is unique. Ginseng roots are cultivated using an innovative hydroponic technology. They are then steam cooked according to a traditional Korean method. The resulting ginseng root powder is seven times more concentrated in noble ginsenosides than typical brands of Korean red ginseng and is produced without the use of solvents or pesticides. ginszen®, containing HRG80®, is so effective that you can feel the difference within three hours of ingestion. There is no other ginseng powder available today that can compare.

HRG80® is produced in Belgium following strict environmental and social European standards.

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