ginszen®: The safe, reliable & pesticide-free ginseng

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ginszen® is a highly potent Panax Ginseng supplement – safe, reliable and guaranteed pesticide-free.

Cultivating ginseng in fields is a complex process which takes more than five years and requires humus-rich. In addition, significant amounts of pesticides are needed to guarantee sufficient agricultural yields.

European food supplement brands often use low-cost ginseng extract from Asia, in particular China, which has been cultivated using pesticides – resulting in a contamination issue. Recent analysis by an accredited laboratory (Primeris) of the contents of supplements sold by a well-known brand found:

1) The presence of 25 different pesticides;

2) 12 pesticides are at levels above the limits allowed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA);

3) The concentration levels of certain pesticides (e.g. carbenzazim and benomyl) are at very high levels -more than 160 times the allowed limits.

Those pesticides are not approved used in Europe because it is representing a health risk for population.

ginszen® is made with HRG80®, which is pure and natural panax ginseng roots grown in a sterile environment. It is farmed indoors in Belgium by a team of horticulturists. It took six years to develop a special technique in vertical farming. The environment is fully controlled, with no use of pesticides and no risk of mycotoxins.

Analysis by Primeris confirms that ginszen® is free of any pesticides, making it clean, safe, and reliable. Unlike other ginseng brands that do not use HRG80®, ginszen® guarantees you no pesticide residue, giving it the unique distinction of being one of the purest ginseng brands on the market.

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