The 10 reasons to choose GinsZen®


1 – Because nature is full of treasures and we know only a small part of their benefits on our health and well-being. But we firmly believe that nothing overwhelms nature to take care of and help the human body. Nature at the service of nature.

2 – Because ginseng has multiple beneficial effects: it strengthens your immune system, it energizes your body and mind, it increases the quality of your sleep, it helps memorization and concentration and provides a sense of serenity. What more?

3 – Because we spent 6 years researching and developing our product. To make it the one you know (or will know) today. 6 years to demand the best, without compromise. GinsZen® is the result of an advanced technology that makes it possible to obtain a substance that is pure and highly concentrated in ginsenosides.

4 – Because our product is of exceptional quality. It is a concentrate of pure roots of Panax Ginseng CA Meyer, originally grown in the Manchurian forests of northeastern China.

5 – Because, thanks to our technology, we have developed a product that is 5 to 10 times more concentrated than competing products. No doubt, you made the right choice!

6 – Because the virtues of ginseng have been known for a long time. The Asian emperors regarded him at the time as a “youth elixir”. They sent their army to reap the precious roots. But as you probably do not have an army at your disposal, we take care of it for you!

7 – Because GinsZen® is a 100% local food supplement that respects the environment. Our ginseng grows naturally. And that we do not use any solvent or pesticide. Why consume a natural product if it is then sabotaged by harmful elements?

8 – Because GinsZen® is grown in Belgium. It is the result of the passionate work of Belgian horticulturists and biologists. And it scrupulously respects the very strict social and environmental standards of the European Union.

9 – Because you can feel GinsZen®, which usually doesn’t happen with other Ginseng brands.

10 – Because GinsZen® will change your life.

GinsZen® users talk about us.
Here’s what they say :

The testimonials obtained below were collected from real and independent users who wanted to share their experience. We have nevertheless changed the names and used professional images to respect anonymity. If you wish to add a testimonial too, please contact us.

“I tried GinsZen® and I experienced an increase in concentration at work. I also felt less tired.”


David T., 33 years, Regional Director at ING Belgium

“I take GinsZen® when I write detailed scientific articles, because I need concentration and mental energy. I feel the effect of Panax ginseng after 4 hours, so I can work efficiently without worrying about the outside world. When I look up, it’s dark and the office is empty. The work is done. ”


Erica M., 31 years, PhD in biochemistry

Ginseng helps conteract fatigue (EFSA-Q-2008-4398) and maintain good cognitive performance (EFSA-Q-2008-4586)

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