What is Ginseng ?

Panax ginseng roots have been used for over two thousand years in East Asia. Ginseng is one of the main traditional Asian medicines. The Ginseng generally consumed in Asia is Red (steam cooked) because its active ingredients are then more digestible. Ginseng also contains vitamins, enzymes and nutriments; all essential for a healthy body.

What are the benefits ?



Ginseng optimizes your energy level.

Ginseng contains ginsenosides, trace elements and vitamins, all of which contribute to maintaining the dynamism of the body. Ginseng is a natural adaptogen, so is able to induce a state of general resistance participating in the balance of the organism. Ginseng helps to feel less tired.



Ginseng promotes a proper functioning of your nervous system and focus.

Ginseng has many benefits for our mind: it participates in the optimization of intellectual abilities and helps to promote memory. It allows to feel positive emotions and reduces temporary stress. It brings a feeling of serenity.



Ginseng participates in your immunity.

The whole ginseng root powder helps in promoting the immune system.



Ginseng contributes to a normal blood glucose level

Ginseng gives balance to your blood glucose level, naturally.

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