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If you have decided to put the odds on your side, to achieve your goals and fulfil your destiny.   Then you have found the right place.

We are GinsZen®. We produce for you the best ginseng products.

What makes us unique :


GinsZen® is the result of 6 years of R&D in high-tech vertical farming.

It offers the purity and power of wild Ginseng.


GinsZen® is composed of whole Panax ginseng roots that boost your focus and your energy.

The effects are felt 3 hours after ingestion.


GinsZen® is cultivated in Belgium following the strictest environmental and social European standards.

No solvents, no pesticides.


Asian emperors fought over 2,000 years ago to control territories where wild ginseng grew. They considered this ancestral medicinal plant a source of divine energy.

Wild ginseng’s secret power is the result a 20-year ripening process in a natural forest environment. To defend itself in a complex ecosystem, wild ginseng produces substances known as noble ginsenosides. These are the active ingredients that enhance your mental performance.

GinsZen® is the result of advances in technology that enable the cultivation of ginseng in controlled hydroponics. This unique process simulates rapid and high-quality ripening, resulting in a higher concentration of noble ginsenosides – 5 to 10 times higher than in competing premium ginseng brands.

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7 times more potent in noble ginsenosides

Experience the most powerfull and safe Ginseng
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